Poolnets Products

Rock pools offer additional safety with the height of rock features keeping the net higher above the water. Pool Nets KZN can install a safety net on any pool, as long as the coping and painting is secure.

Storage rollers are very convenient but are totally optional. They enable the owner to roll-up and store the net when not in use.
Pool covers (550g PVC) are very popular because of the great savings
that this product offers i.e.
  • No water loss through evaporation brought about by wind and heat.
  • No algae growth.
  • 33% Less chomicle usage.
  • Extended creepy/baracuda life.
  • Extended motor life.
  • 80% Less maintenance time required on your pool.

This is the only system that is self-funding as the
savings brought about
will pay for your cover within 2 to 2
1/2 years. Pool covers also offer safety to children
accidentally falling onto them. However,
these should not be used as a playground for children.

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